Payment Information

We are able to accept:

1. Paypal or
2. Internet Banking Online Transfer / ATM / Direct Deposit into our bank accounts.
3. Mobile Payment via DBS Pay Lah!

I. Making Payment through Paypal:

LITTLE DOLLHOUSE is Paypal verified. You will be able to select Paypal payment during the checkout process, and you will be directed to the Paypal payment/login page to complete the payment on your order.

Click here to make payment directly to paypal

II. Making Payment through Direct Deposit/ATM/Internet Banking Online Transfer (for customers in Singapore)

You will be able to select Direct Deposit / ATM / Internet Banking Online Transfer during the checkout process. If you have selected this option during the checkout process, you will be receiving an email with the Bank details.

Kindly complete the payment in within 48 hours through any method that is most convenient for you. Please kindly let us know after your payment has been completed, so that we can expedite the shipping / order of your purchase.

Bank Name: DBS Bank
Code : 7171
Branch Code : 066
Account Type: DBS Saving Plus
Account Number: 066-1-020683

Customer must fill up the Payment Verification Form once the bank transfer has been effected. Or email us at

How to do bank transfer at the DBS / POSB ATM?

1. Insert ATM card, enter your PIN number.

2. Select 'More services'

3. Select 'Funds Transfer'

4. (From which account) Select your account type

5. (To another account) Select DBS Savings Plus

6. Key in Little Dollhouse Account number: DBS: 066-1-020683

7. Key in the amount to be transferred

8. Select 'If correct, press'

9. Select 'To confirm'

10. Transaction is completed. Remove ATM card and collect your receipt.


III. Making Payment through Mobile Banking via DBS Pay Lah! Mobile App

Send & receive money instantly on your phone!

Click here to find out how it works -


Steps :

Step 1 : Download Mobile App (DBS Pay Lah!)


Step 2 : Login to your DBS Pay Lah account

Ensure you have topped up your wallet and there is sufficient cash in your account for your order

Click on "SEND MONEY"



3) All you need to do is Enter

* our mobile number (9155 4829

* your order payment amount

* your #Order Number under Remarks

and Click on "SUBMIT"



Click here to download apps for Android User

Click here to download apps for Apple User